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We truly believe that having your wedding filmed is probably the most important decision you will make. Many couples discover this fact after the event, regretting that their special day can never be relived on film.

Take One have provided professional wedding video services in Swindon and the surrounding counties since 1998. In addition to our filming services, we can edit your own family & friends footage.

There is so much to consider in planning a wedding with many services and products on offer. But most couples will never get to appreciate everything they have organised on the day as time will proverbially fly by. By watching the film of your day, you can bring back all of those precious moments including those you didn’t get to see, and indulge in the glory of your ‘Wedding Day to Remember’ for years and years to come.

Wedding Filming by Take One

Unobtrusive filming for your special day. Packages up to full day (to 10:00 pm) with a variety of optional extras.



Wedding day ‘Dream Sequence’ highlights

You Film It We Edit It

Using footage taken by family and friends Take One will creatively edit your material and author to DVD or digital video file.